This morning, I woke up on the floor of my new (to me) apartment bedroom and lay on my back staring up at the fan swirling around on repeat. Electricity. Magic. With the flip of a switch, I can stop the fan’s cycling. I have a fresh, clean comforter underneath me and brand new carpet underneath that. No bugs in sight. Bliss. As I ate breakfast (two potatoes and a small onion) picnic-style on the floor, I was completely, utterly content. That’s what was missing yesterday: gratitude. By day 5, pretty much every other food aside from plain rice and chickpeas and oatmeal had started to sound amazing. Everything. I was hungry and unsatisfied and just wanted this whole thing to be over already so I could drink kombucha and beer again. I’m missing a small piece of my American lifestyle, and I was frustrated.

There’s such an apparent disconnect in our society from how the ‘bottom’ majority of the world lives, and here I am trying to remind myself of this but frustrated by plain rice (that took me less than 10 minutes to pick up from the grocery store and I used electricity to cook). Perspective is a funny thing, and so transient. I’ll lose this lens of gratitude again eventually, but I’m glad I regained this perspective again for now. I guess that was one of my objectives in doing this month long experiment anyway. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love always ❤


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